Hello World – The real deal!

PeeWee and Frankie

So I should introduce myself.  I am a 64 year old female and a retired special ed teacher who quilts, plays mah jong, practices tai chi, plays piano and a ukulele, has a husband, grandchildren, sews, feels creative most of the time and spends an inordinate amount of time with a dialogue going on in my head…  I have not found blogs that reflect a woman like me and frankly, as I sit here enjoying this wet and windy spring storm blowing through, I remember how depressed I was in the 70’ weather just days ago… I have the spring/summer season affect disorder (self diagnosed).  I battle continuous depression and can be a mole, existing in a wonderful house and grounds, with dogs, cat, sheep and yard…  I can be incredibly hard on myself most times with my weight, my looks, my hair, and my motivation and on and on and on and I so do not want to be a drama queen.  So I have decided that I may have something to say and by saying it on a regular and scheduled basis, I may not only help myself dig out and stay out of this in my head world I live in, but could also provide a little encouragement for others… maybe a couple of folks who might at some point find my blog.  I do not really understand how this works if you don’t actively advertise because I’m not going to do that… but we shall see.

Anyway, here it goes.. I love creating tableaus around my house and yard… and then seeing what happens when one of the toddler grand kids discover them.  I did similar things with some of my students, especially one particular 1st grader who had autism.  It turned into a game he and I played, as he would arrive, he would checkout the whiteboard – the layout of fish magnets and letters.  After he completed his morning routine, he would ‘correct’ the magnets.  Not always the same way, but he would make it the way he thought it should be.  And then smile at me, as if he was wondering why his teacher didn’t understand.  What a fun way to get him to communicate with me in a fun, positive way.  Anyway… here at home, PeeWee usually presents a simple normal smile.  Not so much after Ben came out of the livingroom.  Gave me a chuckle.  And it’s the little things I hold onto.